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#NotJustHello is a recent Twitter dialogue (started by @Karnythia) on how street harassment is not just about men not being able to say “hello” to women (though all who experience street harassment aren’t necessarily “women” or ID as such). Above are some of my tweets during that conversation. The idea that it is women “preventing” hello is not just a violently gross lie, but a mass oversimplification of the verbal/physical abuse and even sexual assault/murder that comes about via street harassment. 

Anyone who thinks all I describe above is okay clearly supports violence. None of these actions (and I’ve experienced much worse; some I don’t even discuss online) above are about saying “hello.” It’s one of the reasons why I included "so I can’t say hello?" in my Street Harassment and Street Harassment + Misogynoir BINGO card, that I included again in this post.

The first time I posted the BINGO card is in my recent post about my experiences, my writing on street harassment as experienced as a Black woman and the anti-street harassment chat #YouOkSis (by @Russian_Starr and @FeministaJonesscheduled for Thursday, July 10th at 12pm. In this aforementioned post (and within my years of writing on the topic) I address why some people want Black women silenced on this topic (and in general) and how the racist and anti-intersectional mainstream media framing and centering of White women as the only victims of street harassment with Black men as only perpetrators removes other men’s culpability and again, silences Black women. This is a time and space for Black women to speak our truths.

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also: the fact that people are speaking out against others for calling people out for making money off of/promoting things of a pedophilic nature and branding them as “sjws” or “the tumblr hivemind” is really fucking disgusting

this whole thing has been a long time coming and lots of people have already been uncomfortable w omocats usage of shota in their apparel. this is only happening now because omocat reacted in such a way that could be documented and posted about it. it got a lot of notes and now people know there are others who agree with them, so they feel safer being louder about calling out omo???? it’s not like everybody saw a post and was like omg burn the witch????

and lmao it’s pretty apparent that omocat is very much into shota - you can see it on their website, apparel and it’s really easy to twit search “shota omocat” and see a bunch of their tweets talking about and defending shotacon sooooo…..yeah, your argument is shit and full of holes

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